Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Peek Inside My Kitchen Drawers

I recently organized 3 drawers in my kitchen. Only an organizing geek like me would think this is blog worthy, but it's one of those little things that has been driving me insane that I finally got around to fixing.

This is our household drawer. I got tired of my husband constantly asking me where the scissors, batteries and tape were kept, so I consolidated all those household items in one of the kitchen drawers so he could help himself. Notice the 3 pairs of scissors? This is what happens when I am not organized - I end up buying duplicates because I thought I lost original, and sure enough, I find the misplaced item it after I buy the duplicate and it's too late to return it. Argh . . . .

This is the newly organized silverware drawer. When my husband and I first moved in, we both had our own silverware caddy that were kept in two separate drawers as they were both too big to fit together in one drawer. It was aggravating toggling between 2 drawers, so I bought an expandable caddy to hold everything in one drawer.  I also squeezed in 3 additional baskets at the top for smaller items.  No more dead space.

Spices are now kept in a drawer. Previously, they were inefficiently kept in a cabinet where I had to remove 20 jars to get to the oregano way in the back. Cooking became a chore as I would overcook food while I was wading in the cabinet hunting for the right jar. I wanted an easy way to view all the spices at a glance, and storing them in the drawer was the perfect solution. The drawer is very shallow, and most in-drawer spice inserts were too tall, so I improvised with some drawer dividers. This made access to the jars quick and easy.

This is where we keep the duplicates spices. Once again, I bought duplicates not knowing I already had the items. I now have enough dill, paprika and chili spices to last me a lifetime.

I'm still trying to figure out the most efficient set up for the rest of the kitchen, but organizing these 3 drawers have made cooking a pleasure rather than a dreaded task. Each one of the prior inefficiencies alone was annoying but bearable, but it was the accumulation of all the annoyances that was making me dread cooking. Now, the kitchen is more streamlined and I look forward to making a home cooked meal.

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