Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Out Box

This this more an "Out Nook" than an "Out Box", but it's the perfect place where my husband and I gather all the things we need when we head out the door in the morning. The left side is my side. I recently sold quite a few gadgets and books when I was cleaning out the office, and there they sit on top, ready to to be mailed. Below is my bag I take to client sites. The right side is my husband's side. Office items sit on top, and his computer bag is on the bottom. This nook is next to the garage that serves as our main point of entry and exit. We tried to add a little more style to this nook by adding flowers and glass work my husband blows as a hobby. Through out the day, all out items get collected in this little nook, and getting out the door the next morning becomes a breeze.

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