As a work-at-home artist, "pretty" and "neat" are the 2 main concerns when it comes to my home and Melissa excels at both! She is easy to get along with, very good at what she does and a joy to work with. And, as an extra bonus, her service is incredibly affordable compared to many others who offer the same services.

I moved out of your typical college student lifestyle of dorms, cramped apartments full of roommates and tiny cluttered rooms into my quaint little studio apartment about a year ago fully intending to leave my crazy, often messy college style room behind me for a more orderly home. After several attempts to tame the "madness-in-boxes" that I brought into my current apartment, I finally gave in and admitted that I needed help. This was when I came across Melissa's really neat blog.

Although a hard decision to make at first, thinking I can probably save some dollars figuring out how to organize my closet on my own, Melissa made it worth every penny. Rather than trying to handle it on my own, spending days and hours trying to learn up on how best to organize and stay organize, I decided that working with a professional would save me much more time and tons of frustration. Best decision I made for my home so far.

As a full time student I didn't really have a whole lot to spend, so I was pretty amazed at how well Melissa managed to stay with my less than $100 supplies budget. In fact I believe I ended up spending only half of what I budgeted for supplies thanks to her!

In just one day, my studio apartment particularly my big quirky walk-in closet which was once in a constant source of frustration was transformed. I no longer had to go through the crazy cycle of constantly needing to tidy up only to have things look like it crossed paths with a hurricane again the next minute I needed something I couldn't find. Now everything has its place which makes things easy to find, easy to get to and so much more manageable.

Compliments to Melissa of Pretty Neat Organizer for making my living space a prettier and more pleasant place by miles!

- Jan Faye L., Burlingame

My personal home office was full of cluuter, with many, many unfiled papers, cardboard boxes from previous move, and kids toys.  With two young children I kept getting behind on staying organized.

I found Melissa and now my office is organized.  Melissa was:

1.  Very diligent.  She just kept going no matter how messy things were.
2.  Responsive to my emails.
3.  Punctual.
4.  Very  helpful.
5.  Very positive and had great ideas.
6.  Has excellent computer skills and helped me take photos of items and post them on Craigslist.
7.  Helped set up new office work flow.

I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone who is trying to get organized.

- Kimberly Walter, Mountain View