Friday, July 11, 2008

Shih Handbags

I usually save up for a new purse. Quality is more important than quantity, so I'm willing to wait and save for a fantastic handbag I will absolutely adore instead of indulging on a trendy but disposable bag. As a result, I expect alot from my purse - not only must it be beautiful, but it needs to endure in terms of design and hold up to my abuse. Luckily, my sister is a handbag desinger and owner of Shih handbags, and I can always find the perfect purse for any occasion in her smartly assorted collection. As her sister, I get a coveted sister discount (ie: free!). The girls at work are green with envy. Here are some of my favorites:

Diego Tote
I adore this bright yellow tote. The yellow adds an unexpected but cheerful pop to my outfits. This is my favorite tote to travel with as it is the perfect size for magazines and reading materials.

Monica Messenger Bag
I like to wear this messenger bag when I'm in a sporty mood. The asymmetrical flap and brass balls give it a slight bohemian twist, but the lines are still sleek and modern.

Bebel Shoulder Bag

This is a great everyday purse. The 2 pockets in front are very handy for frequently accessed items like my lip balm and cell phone. It's also big enough to lug all my everyday crap

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