Sunday, April 17, 2011

$50 Closet Makeover

My client had a very unusual closet in her studio apartment.  It was almost the size of a small bedroom and had great built in shelves and cabinets.  Unfortunately, you had to go through the closet to go to the bathroom.   Her disorganized closet was such a huge source of embarrassment that she sometimes forbade her boyfriend to go to the bathroom.    As a full time student, she didn't have a lot of time or money to devote to organizing her closet, but she knew she couldn't live with her chaotic closet anymore.  We decided to spend most of her organizing budget on my time and spend $50 on supplies.

The first thing we bought was a double hanging rod for $12 to add more hanging space.  Woven tops went on top, and skirts and jeans went on the bottom.

Jeans used to be kept stacked on a shelf in the cabinet.  We hung them on hangers for easier access.  By having all the tops and bottoms close together, it was easier to mix and match her pieces when she got dressed in the morning.  To save money, we used existing hangers.

Next on our list was a $5 belt hanger.  This hanger kept her belts neat and tidy without getting tangled.

Jewelry was formerly scattered  through out the apartment.  We consolidated everything in a $19 jewelry organizer.  This is one of my favorite jewelry organizers as it is very affordable and compact.  It's double sided too. 

My client didn't have a dresser, so we took advantage of a built in cabinet for underwear and other personal items.  After sorting and purging, we containerized like items in random cardboard boxes she had in the house.  To create a more decorative, cohesive feel, we covered these boxes in $5 contact paper.  We also bought two $3 shelf risers to take advantage of vertical height.

I did make one "donation" to the project.  I had some shoe racks at home that I no longer needed and was happy to give them to my client. These were pricey wood racks, but you can buy very sturdy, affordable shoe racks for less than $20.

My client is thrilled with her new closet.  Every item has a home, everything is neat and orderly, and she now encourages her friends and boyfriend to use her bathroom.  She has described this process as life changing.  I can't ask for a better compliment.

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