Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oldie but Goodie: Christopher Lowell's 7 Layers of Design

Remember Christopher Lowell? 10 years ago, he made interior design easy and accessible to the masses with his 7 Layers of Design approach. Whenever I get stumped on a room, I go back to the basics:

Layer 1: Paint and Architecture (moldings, mantel)
Layer 2: Installed Flooring (any floor surface that is wall to wall)
Layer 3: High Ticket Upholstery Items (sofa, love seat)
Layer 4: Accent Fabrics (area rugs and drapes)

Layer 5: Non-upholstered Furnishings (the work horses of the room, end tables, chairs, coffee tables)
Layer 6: Accessories (pictures, mirrors, candlesticks)
Layer 7: Plants and Lighting

Check out his website to see the 7 Layer of Design in action. This book has a permanent spot on my bookcase.

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