Friday, October 31, 2008

Boho Chic Bags

I always envied Rachel Sacks in high school. She was one of those cool, bohemiem, artistic types way ahead of her time. She had a distinctive style all her own - she would mix a 50's skirt with an embroidered peasant blouse and wear goth makeup and still look fantastic. After college, she lived what I considered a glamorous life, working in places like Bangkok and opening up a night club in India.

A couple of years ago, she returned stateside, but her global lifestyle still burns brightly, reflected in her line of handbags. Handcrafted in India, these bags are boho chic without being granola. They have a luxurious flair to them, which is all Rachel. Here are some of my favorites, available on her website

The Maharani

The Kerala Sling

Sedona Styler I

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